Lap Dance Sex Position

Sex Positions: Lap Dance

The Lap Dance is a fun rear entry sex position, but can lack intimacy due to the way each partner is facing. Thrusting can also be a little difficult, but he can have a lot of fun playing with her breasts while she rides him. It can also be a great follow-up sex position to a real lap dance!

How To Do It

This is another rear entry sex position, but it happens to be a little more difficult than some of the others. In this sex position, the male partner is seated on a surface such as the edge of the bed, couch or a chair with his feet flat on the floor. The female partner lowers herself onto him facing away from him with her back against his chest. That sounds easy enough, but the difficult part of this sex position is getting the female partner’s feet in position – her feet are tucked behind her, facing away from her on either side of her partner’s body. This can be an awkward position if a woman is not very flexible.

Where To Do It

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Couch, bed, chair – anywhere that allows the male partner to sit on the edge with his feet on the floor.

Props You’ll Need

Couch, bed or chair

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


This sex position is more difficult for her to get into and stay in than her partner. It can be a little awkward, especially since the thrusting is mainly her responsibility. This is where it can get tough, because she’s going to have to raise up on her shins and most women aren’t used to maneuvering that way during sex. It can take some time getting used to how to move here to create the best penetration.

His O-Meter


Since he’s in a natural sitting position with her facing away from him and sitting on his lap, this sex position isn’t really that uncomfortable for him. He doesn’t have a view though, unless he and his lover are getting it on in front of a mirror.


The male partner can reach around and hold or fondle her breasts during sex, and he can also reach down and fondle her clitoris, which is getting almost no stimulation in the Lap Dance sex position. This will make sex more enjoyable for her and increase her orgasm potential.

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