Laptop Sex Position

Sex Position: Laptop

The Laptop sex position is an interesting variation on the Assisted Lotus, and although it looks difficult, it’s really not. It’s definitely a must try!

How To Do It

The male partner sits in a chair normally, with his lover sitting on his lap, facing him. Instead of wrapping each of her legs on either side of the chair, she will put each foot on either of her partner’s shoulders, resting the back of her knees on his shoulders and her calves and feet on the back of the chair. She can grasp his neck to help maintain her balance, but he should be holding her lower back to help keep her steady.

Where To Do It

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This is an awesome sex position for a quickie at the office or anywhere else you see a chair and an opportunity!

Props You’ll Need

A chair. Almost any chair will work, but for the Laptop sex position, you may want to use a more comfortable chair like a recliner or a nice office chair.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter

She enjoys the deep penetration that the Laptop sex position affords, because it’s perfect for g-spot stimulation.  Some women may need more clitoral stimulation to orgasm than this position can give, but it’s still a great one to try.

His O-Meter

He loves the feeling of his partner’s legs around his neck, and enjoys the deep penetration sensations. The Laptop sex position is perfect for “breast guys,” since he is eye level with her chest!


The male partner can really focus on her breasts here, caressing them with his mouth, lips and tongue. This will help her to reach orgasm even faster too!

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