Leg Up Sex Position

Sex Position: Leg Up

This hot oral sex position for her is simple for both partners. The Leg Up sex position gives him full access to her, while making it easy for her to watch.

How To Do It

The female partner stands side by side with a chair, couch, low table or other surface and raises her leg at roughly a ninety degree angle so she can rest her foot on the surface and spread her leg. Her partner sits on the floor cross-legged beneath her, with his head positioned in between her legs. He can grasp her hips or play with her breasts while he goes down on her in the Leg Up sex position.

Where To Do It

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Anywhere you have the appropriate furniture!

Props You’ll Need

A chair, couch, low table or bed that is the proper height for her to rest her foot on so that she is comfortable. He may also want a pillow, small blanket or a towel to sit on, as he will be sitting on the floor.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


What she loves about the Leg Up sex position is that  she’s comfortable but spread open wide enough for him to access her most sensitive parts. She can watch the action here, which is not always the case with oral sex positions for her. This is an entirely new way for her to experience oral sex! The one downside is that it may be difficult to reach orgasm from the standing position.

His O-Meter


He’s comfortable in the Leg Up sex position too, and loves being able to grasp her buttocks or raise his hands up and fondle her breasts while he goes down on her.


Her hands are fairly unoccupied in the Leg Up sex position, so she can use them to either stimulate her own nipples or reach down and spread her labia wide for him. The latter will take the Leg Up sex position up a few notches and make it way hotter than it already is!

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