Licking The Flagpole Sex Position

Sex Position: Licking The Flagpole

The Licking The Flagpole sex position is a comfortable oral sex position for both her and him, that leaves her spread open wide for the ultimate pleasure.

How To Do It

The Licking The Flagpole sex position is easy to get into. The female partner simply lies on her side on the bed, with the leg that is touching the bed bent at the knee to help give her stability. She then lifts her other leg high in the air, placing her hand on her thigh to help hold it up. The male partner then lies on his side perpendicular to her, resting his head on the thigh of the leg that is resting on the bed while he goes down on her.

Where To Do It

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This is okay on a floor or other wide open space, but both partners will appreciate the comfort of the bed with surrounding pillows.

Props You’ll Need

Pillows to support him and her as needed.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


She loves being spread out for him, because the Licking The Flagpole sex position gives him access to every nerve in her clitoris and labia. The only caveat in this position for her is that if she’s not very flexible or athletic, she may have trouble stretching her leg that high and keeping it there for a significant period of time. If she does, it’s fine to put a slight bend in the knee of the leg that is being held up in the air to make it more comfortable.

His O-Meter


He enjoys the comfort of this position, and it’s very easy on the neck. Since her inner thigh is supporting his head, he’s quite comfortable and relaxed while giving her oral sex.


If she enjoys anal play, the Licking The Flagpole sex position is perfect for him to give her simultaneous oral sex and anal stimulation with his hands. It’s a great way to make this sex position even more naughty than it already is!

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