Linguini Sex Position

Linguini Sex Position

The Linguini sex position is great position for deep penetration and to really let yourself go and become totally absorbed in the moment.

How To Do It

The female partner lies on her side with a pillow under her head for extra support. While she lounges, the male partner kneels directly behind her butt and pushes one of his knees between her legs for insertion. The trick to this position is for the female partner to be relaxed and keep her limbs loose so that the male partner can penetrate her deeply.

Where To Do It

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The Linguini sex position is best performed in the bed. While the floor will work, the bed is certainly the most comfortable option. If you do decide to do it on the floor, make sure you have plenty of blankets and pillows. A soft surface is a must!

Props You’ll Need

Blankets and pillows o make sure she is relaxes and comfortable.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


She likes the Linguini sex position because she can just sit back and enjoy the ride. That, coupled with the unique angle of g-spot stimulation, can make the Linguini sex position extremely orgasmic for her!

His O-Meter


This side-by-side position causes her thighs to be curved at an angle which gives him deeper access. He’ll love to hear her moan as he stimulates her g-spot with ease.


While staying relaxed is important for the Linguini sex position, it is critical for her to show him that she’s enjoying herself as this position can tend to make her look bored if she’s not actively showing her joy.

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