Lotus Sex Position

Sex Positions: Lotus

If you want to experience the utmost intimacy with your partner during sex, the Lotus sex position is definitely the way to go. While relaxed and sitting with each other, you can slowly rock back and forth and gradually work your way up to an intense orgasm!

How To Do It

The Lotus is probably the most intimate sex position out there. If you want to fully connect with your partner emotionally and physically during sex, the Lotus is the way to do it. Both partners sit cross-legged facing each other, but the female partner will actually sit on her lover’s lap with her legs wrapped around his hips so their pelvises touch. Once in position, it is more difficult to “thrust.” Sex in the Lotus position involves more “rocking” than it does thrusting. This is what makes the Lotus one of the more unique sex positions that isn’t as difficult to achieve!

Where To Do It

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Props You’ll Need


Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


Women love the Lotus sex position! Not only does she get an extra dose of the physical and emotional intimacy she craves, the rocking and pelvic grinding does an excellent job of stimulating both her clitoris and her g-spot. This is definitely a position that she can orgasm in!

His O-Meter

If he’s the sensitive type, he’s going to like the emotional connection he gets out of the Lotus too. Men generally dig anything their partners are into, simply because they’re psyched to have a partner who is actually enjoying herself. The rocking motion, however, will put pressure on his penis in a different way, making it feel unique and extra pleasurable for him.


He should give her oral sex before getting into this incredible intimate sex position. She will literally explode on top of him!

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