Lunge Sex Position

Sex Position: Lunge

The Lunge sex position is a fun twist on Woman On Top that allows for super deep penetration – the only trick is, the female partner must be quite flexible.

How To Do It

The male partner lies on his back with his legs spread open a little past shoulder width. The female partner begins to come up in between his legs (almost as though this was Missionary but with her playing the role of the man), and raises one leg up and hooks it around his hip, resting her foot on the bed and against the outside of his buttocks. The other leg is still straight and positioned in between his legs, flush with the bed. The Lunge sex position gets its name because it looks like the female is doing a “lunge” type of stretch as she lowers herself onto his penis.

Where To Do It

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This is one you’ll want to do in a bed. You’ll want all the comfort and space you can get here.

Props You’ll Need

A pillow for him is nice, especially if he wants his head supported so he can see more of the action.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


Although the Lunge sex position allows for fairly good clitoral friction and excellent deep penetration and g-spot stimulation, it can be quite difficult for a woman to get into and stay in – and even harder for her to figure out how to thrust in. She must be pretty flexible to pull this off comfortably, but if she can, the mix between clitoral friction and deep g-spot stimulation can result in some powerful orgasms.

His O-Meter


He likes the Lunge sex position because it allows him to lie back, relax and enjoy her taking control. He also likes to watch her here, because if she lifts the bent leg ever so slightly, it provides him with a pretty decent view of the action.


He can reach up and play with her nipples in the Lunge sex position, or if both partners are feeling extra naughty, he can reach around to her backside for some anal play, since the position of her legs leaves her anal area exposed.

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