Meet N’ Greet Sex Position

Sex Position: Meet 'N Greet

The Meet N’ Greet sex position puts the thrusting responsibility on the female partner, although she is still on bottom like in traditional Missionary. Instead of him thrusting down into her, she is pushing her pelvis up towards him and doing a majority of the movement. Hot!

How To Do It

Just like in traditional Missionary, the male partner is on top and the female partner is underneath him with her legs spread on either side of her lover’s hips. He is resting his weight on his knees and his hands, which are on either side of her torso. However, instead of him moving down to thrust into her, she is going to raise her hips again and again to meet him. This requires a good bit of space between both partners, so he will need to prop his torso all the way up on his hands, almost as though he’s in the Doggy Style position.

Where To Do It

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Couch, backseat of the car, floor, bed and anywhere else you would use the Missionary sex position.

Props You’ll Need

He may be more comfortable with a pillow under his knees if you’re using the Meet N’ Greet sex position on a hard surface, such as the floor.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


Although she has a better chance of grinding her clitoris against him since she’s in control in the Meet N’ Greet sex position, a woman isn’t used to thrusting and may tire out quickly. She may not be able to keep this going for very long if she’s not fit or strong.

His O-Meter


He digs the Meet N’ Greet sex position because he gets to watch her thrust up towards him instead of the other way around. It’s a welcome change of pace, and he totally loves the idea of her being so hot and turned on that she’s got to grind against him!


It’s a great opportunity for her to show him just how eager she is, and to really put on a show for him, by playing with her breasts and clitoris while he watches on in ecstasy.

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