Missionary Reversed Sex Position

Sex Position: Missionary Reversed

The Missionary Reversed sex position is a fun one to try if his penis is fairly flexible and he’s up for something a little more exotic. Some guys aren’t going to dig this position because it requires them to thrust at an exceptionally odd angle, but other guys will enjoy how different this sex position is from traditional Missionary.

How To Do It

The female partner will lie flat on her back with her legs slightly spread. Her partner will then position himself on top of her, however, he will be facing her feet instead of her head. His legs will also be spread enough so that they can rest on his lover’s shoulders or on either side of her head. To penetrate, he’s going to push his penis downward with his fingers at the base of it, and slowly enter her. This can be quite stressful for a man’s penis, so it’s important to be extra lubed up and go very slowly.

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WARNING: If this move hurts at all, stop immediately! Remember to thrust slowly. In rare cases, a penis can fracture when enough pressure is put on it. This usually happens suddenly, when the penis is at an odd angle and thrusting too fast. A penile fracture is characterized by intense, immediate pain, sudden bruising and often an audible “fracture” sound is heard. If this should happen, do not hesitate to seek immediate medical attention. The Missionary Reversed sex position is not dangerous in and of itself, but you can prevent any problems by being responsible.

Where To Do It

The Missionary Reversed sex position is best performed on a wide open space like the bed. Because you’re so focused on doing this correctly, you don’t want to be crammed in the car or even on the couch for this one.

Props You’ll Need

Lots of lube! Make sure you are both good and slick before attempting this position.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


She’ll dig this sex position because it’s an exotic one that doesn’t involve her getting into all kinds of crazy contortionist positions. The man has to do the gymnastics on this one!

His O-Meter


It’s going to take a very brave man to be able to do this sex position and get off on it. The penis just isn’t designed to bend this way. For him, the Missionary Reversed sex position is more about novelty than anything else.


Use a liberator wedge to make the angle of penetration better for most men.

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