Missionary With A Twist Sex Position

Sex Position: Missionary With A Twist

This is a kinky variation of the basic Missionary sex position. The twist is that her hands (and/ or feet) are tied to the bed, or simply restrained in some way.

How To Do It

Traditional missionary position is often also called “Man On Top” and rightly so – the male partner assumes the dominant position on top of the woman, who is lying on her back. Her legs are spread enough that her lover can thrust, but they’re not raised up or resting on his shoulders. While the she can thrust some, the primary work done here is by the man.

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Because Missionary is very passive position for the female, it doesn’t take much for the man to totally dominate her mentally and physically. The dominant sensation is increased even more when her hand and feet are restrained!

Where To Do It

The bed is best for this one.

Props You’ll Need

Soft ropes or silk ties for securing her to the bed.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


Basic Missionary can be “boring” to say the least, but this “twist” really makes it hotter!

His O-Meter


If he is a dominant man, he will love this. More timid men, may feel overwhelmed by this one.


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