Piston Sex Position

Sex Position: Piston

The Piston sex position is a great standing position for athletic couples, and affords for super deep and exotic penetration. It’s definitely a must try!

How To Do It

The male partner stands with his back to a chair or couch, facing his female partner. He lifts her onto his penis (which is no small accomplishment) and she rests her feet on the surface behind him, using the leverage to help with the thrusting movements. The Piston sex position isn’t easy to do for most couples, because it requires plenty of arm strength on his part to hold almost her entire weight, and lots of leg strength on her part.

Where To Do It

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Anywhere in the house where you have a surface she can rest her feet on.

Props You’ll Need

Couch, chair or other comparable piece of furniture.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


Although the Piston sex position may require her to have substantial leg strength, it’s worth it for all of the clitoral friction she gets. With as much effort as she is putting into the thrusting, it may be difficult for her to focus on building an orgasm, but if she’s very athletic, it won’t bother her a bit and she can truly enjoy what this awesome sex position has to offer!

His O-Meter


He likes holding her up and thrusting deeply into her, although the Piston sex position can get quite tiring for him. If he’s very fit, he’ll be able to keep it up for a little while, but not necessarily long enough for both him and her to have an orgasm. This is a fun sex position to try for a little while before moving on to something more comfortable.


Both partners are going to be pretty occupied with supporting their weight and getting the movement down pat, so focus more on that than what you can do to “spice” this sex position up. The Piston sex position is pretty hot in and of itself!

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