Pretzel Sex Position

Sex Position: Pretzel

The Pretzel sex position is a seated sex position that creates intimacy between both partners with its face to face rocking and grinding.

How To Do It

To get into the Pretzel sex position, the male partner must sit on a flat surface and lie back some, resting his weight on his hands behind him. His lover will then straddle him, lowering herself onto his penis. She grasps the back of her thighs and holds her legs up with her knees slightly parted so her partner can come in between them. The male partner then sits up so he is face to face with her. As he sits up, he will hook his legs over her arms and around her body, completing the “pretzel” configuration.

Where To Do It

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The bed is your best bet for the Pretzel sex position. This is a difficult position to get into and maneuver in, so you’ll want the comfort and familiarity of your bed.

Props You’ll Need


Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


She’ll like the face to face intimacy of the Pretzel sex position, but that’s about it. This isn’t going to be on her “favorites” list, and it’s probably not one she’ll suggest to try. She might be on board if her lover is really into the exotic sex positions, but the penetration isn’t very deep here, and her clitoris isn’t adequately stimulated for her to be able to build a good orgasm.

His O-Meter


He likes the novelty of this sex position, but his penis is bent at a slightly awkward angle and thrusting is fairly difficult here – it’s mostly a rock and grind sort of motion. He’ll for sure want to try this move because it’s so exotic, but it’s not going to be one he does regularly.


Focus more on actually getting into the Pretzel sex position than on making it hotter. You’re doing good if you can get in it and actually have sex for more than a few minutes!

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