Prison Guard Sex Position

Sex Position: Prison Guard

The Prison Guard sex position is a wonderfully submissive (on the woman’s part) position that allows for both vaginal rear entry intercourse and anal sex.

How To Do It

The Prison Guard sex position is a fairly easy position to get into, since both partners are standing. The female partner is standing up against her man with her back to him, and is bent over almost as far as she can go. She will bring her hands up behind her back for her partner to grasp and hold on to as he thrusts, mimicking “handcuffs” and lending the Prison Guard sex position its name.

Where To Do It

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Standing sex positions are exceptionally versatile when it comes to where you can do them. You can do them in the middle of the living room with plenty of space, or in tighter quarters like the bathroom or even a closet. You can do the Prison Guard sex position almost anywhere you can stand!

Props You’ll Need


Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


If she enjoys being very submissive, she’s going to love the Prison Guard sex position. She’ll also like it if she enjoys lots (and lots!) of the intense sensations that deep penetration gives. However, it’s not going to be her favorite if she can only get off with more clitoral stimulation, since this sex position doesn’t afford any clitoral friction at all.

His O-Meter


He really enjoys the Prison Guard sex position because it allows him complete control over his partner! She is deeply submitting to him, and not only does he get to “bind” her wrists with his hands, he gets to watch the action as he thrusts. If he enjoys being dominant, this is likely to be one of his favorite sex positions.


The Prison Guard sex position can be used for really kinky, naughty anal sex but only if both partners are no strangers to anal play. This is not an anal sex position for beginners, however, it can be really hot for lovers who have done anal a few times before.

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