Rear View Mirror Sex Position

Sex Position: Rear View Mirror

If you’re looking for an exotic yet easy to do rear entry sex position, the Rear View Mirror sex position will definitely fit the bill. It’s fun to try!

How To Do It

The male partner sits on a surface like the floor or bed with his legs stretched out, and spread apart slightly so his lover can fit in between them. The female partner then lies on her stomach in between his legs with her head facing his feet, and her legs spread wide enough to allow his torso in between them. It may take some practice to align your groins perfectly, but it is possible!

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In this position he won’t be able to do much of the thrusting, so she will be in charge of the rhythm and depth of the thrusts. The Rear View Mirror Sex Position is similar to the Reverse Cowgirl sex position so if this one feels awkward, try that one first.

Where To Do It

Since a fair amount of space is required for the Rocking The Boat sex position, you’ll want to do it on the floor or the bed. A couch or other narrow space just isn’t going to work out as well.

Props You’ll Need

A blanket or thick towel will make this position more comfortable on the floor.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


While the Rear View Mirror sex position is fairly comfortable for her, the angle of penetration may be a bit awkward at first, as well as getting the hang of thrusting. In this sex position, it’s less actual “thrusting,” and more of a rocking, grinding motion. This, however, can help stimulate her clitoris for more orgasm potential!

His O-Meter


He likes the view in the Rear View Mirror sex position, however, it may be a bit of an awkward angle for his penis to bend. If he’s very flexible in the penis, it may not be a big issue and he can enjoy the rocking and grinding while he gets to watch the action!

WARNING: If there is any discomfort in this sex position, stop immediately! The angle of penetration might cause the penis to bend in a different direction than you’re used to. This can take some adjusting to, so go slow and if it’s uncomfortable or painful at any point, stop and try a different sex position.


His hands are in the perfect position to smack her rear or even engage in some anal play if she’s okay with it. That can make the Rear View Mirror sex position even more naughty!

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