Reverse Face Straddle Sex Position

Sex Positions: Reverse Face Straddle

One of the more “kinky” oral sex positions for her, the Reverse Face Straddle is not for the shy or timid woman. Because it involves her partner’s face and nose so close to her backdoor, she needs to be super comfortable with her partner. But it’s an excellent position for couples who enjoy anal play!

How To Do It

This is an oral sex position for her that requires quite a bit of confidence on her part and both partners definitely need to be comfortable with each other. A sexy shower beforehand is also a must! As with the forward facing version of this oral sex position, the male partner lies on a bed, couch or the floor (any flat surface will do) and the female partner straddles his face, with one leg on either side of his head, resting her weight on her knees.

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The difference with this position is that she’s not facing his head, she’s facing his feet, as in the “Reverse Cowgirl” sex position. He is able to perform oral sex on her from behind, and this is actually an excellent oral sex position for couples who enjoy analingus. Because her rear is right in his face, she’s going to feel much better if she’s doing it with a man she feels comfortable with, as well as if she’s clean and trimmed or shaved. He’s going to feel better about it too!

Where To Do It

Bed, couch, backseat of the car, floor, any flat surface

Props You’ll Need

Pillow or rolled up towel to support the male partner’s neck

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


This is an oral sex position that really kinky women enjoy! Because she’s so exposed to him, she’s definitely got to have some confidence – and they both need to be comfortable with each other. If she’s shy or doesn’t feel clean down there, this position could really backfire. But for women who want oral sex that is a little naughty, this position is a great one to use!

His O-Meter


Men who like to be dominated (and men who like things a little kinky, or have a butt fetish) will really enjoy this oral sex position. Guys, you can up the pleasure factor for yourself by reaching down and masturbating while you’re giving her oral sex. Since she’s facing your feet, she’ll be able to see you touch yourself and it will turn her on like you wouldn’t believe!


If you’re into analingus, this is definitely the time to try it. Use a dental dam for ultimate safety. Definitely discuss this beforehand though – guys, you don’t want to surprise her with a tongue up her bum if she hasn’t agreed to it first!

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