Reverse Jockey Sex Position

Sex Position: Reverse Jockey

The Reverse Jockey sex position is a fun twist on the traditional Missionary that allows him to be in complete control of the thrusting and stimulation. In this position, he sits atop his partner much like a jockey sits atop a racing horse, leaning forward and downward with the movement.

How To Do It

The female partner lies on her back a la traditional Missionary. The male partner “mounts” his lady facing her head, but instead of putting his legs in between her spread legs, he is going to be putting one leg on either side of her. Her legs are mostly together instead of spread open for his penetration. When he thrusts, he’s going to lean forward and down slightly, using his whole body to move instead of just his hips and buttocks.

Where To Do It

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Bed, couch, backseat of the car. This is a great sex position to use anywhere there is a narrow space and neither partner can afford to spread their legs wide.

Props You’ll Need


Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


The Reverse Jockey sex position is good for her because there is more friction between her and her partner when her legs are pressed together. This is a good position for clitoral stimulation.

His O-Meter


With her legs pressed together, her vagina feels much tighter to him. Although he won’t be able to penetrate as deeply here as with other sex positions, the Reverse Jockey sex position will squeeze his penis firmly, creating an entirely new sensation for him.


The Reverse Jockey sex position is an excellent “male dominant” sex position. Take this a step further by incorporating a little BDSM or role play where she is in the submissive role.

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