Inverted Spooning Sex Position

Sex Position: Inverted Spoon

The Inverted Spooning sex position is a unique position for side by side fun that is a bit more kinky than traditional spooning. It’s exotic yet still intimate!

How To Do It

The male partner will lie down on his side on a flat surface, and his partner will lie on her side facing away from him, with her back to him. However, she will lie with her head to his feet and her feet to his head. He can place his hands on her thighs or hips to help him thrust.

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This one will work a little better for most couples if they both bend at the waist just a bit. This makes for a better angle of penetration. Otherwise his penis can be at an uncomfortable angle.

Where To Do It

The Inverted Spooning sex position requires a great deal of space length wise, since both partners are completely stretched out. The bed is perfect for this, although the floor will work as well. If you have a futon or pull out, you can use that for a bit of a different venue.

Props You’ll Need


Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


She likes the Reverse Spooning sex position because it’s easy for her lover to reach around and fondle her clitoris, or she can do it herself. She can also fondle her nipples during lovemaking and he can too, if he is able to reach.

His O-Meter


“Butt guys” will love this sex position!  It’s a kinky twist on traditional spooning and is definitely one he will want to try. He likes the view, and the feel of her butt grinding up against him.


She can raise one leg up to allow her lover to get a really nice view, although she’ll need to be pretty self confident to do this, because everything will be on display! However, this move will take the “hot” factor up a few notches. The Inverted Spooning sex position can also be used for anal sex if both partners enjoy a little backdoor action from time to time.

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