Climbing The Flagpole Sex Position

Sex Positions: Climbing The Flagpole

The Climbing The Flagpole sex position is a deep penetration twist on Missionary that is great for both partners. It’s comfortable for most women, yet totally erotic and orgasmic! There’s not too much strain on either partner as long as she is fairly flexible, and the view for both is incredible.

How To Do It

The female partner lies on her side as though she were going to be spooned, supporting her head with her hand. The male partner straddles the leg that is resting on the bed, lifting the other so it rests against his chest and her foot is pointed straight up towards the ceiling. To make this a bit more comfortable for her, she can add a slight bend to her knee without compromising the Right Angle sex position at all. He will do the majority of the thrusting here.

Where To Do It

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On the bed or floor. This is another sex position that requires some space if both partners are to be as comfortable as possible.

Props You’ll Need

She will definitely want a pillow under her head if you are going to keep up the Climbing The Flagpole sex position for any length of time.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


He can grind against her clitoris fairly well in this position, making it much better for her. The deeper penetration is also good for g-spot or even a-spot orgasms!

His O-Meter


He really enjoys the view in the Right Angle sex position. He likes that she’s spread wide open for him, and that he can look down and see everything that is going on. It’s a bit more exotic if he likes to be adventurous, but it’s actually a doable sex position and not something that is so difficult it’s nearly impossible. It’s easy for him too – he’s comfortable and can thrust fairly well without too much strain on his body.


This is a great sex position for either him or her to reach down and play with her clitoris! This makes the Right Angle sex position much more satisfying for her.

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