See Saw Sex Position

Sex Position: See Saw

Express your intimacy and achieve intense orgasms with the See Saw sex position. This is an easy one to do that both partners really enjoy!

How To Do It

The male partner sits on the floor or the bed, with his legs stretched out and supporting his weight on his arms behind him. She straddles him, facing him, with her feet flat on either side of her lover’s hips. She sits on his lap with her legs spread wide for penetration (and for a great view for him!) and rests her own weight on her hands, which are behind her and grasping his ankles or shins. She does most of the work here, lifting herself up and down on his penis.

Where To Do It

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The bed is the most comfortable place to do the See Saw sex position, but any wide open space (like the floor) will also do.

Props You’ll Need


Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


For the See Saw sex position to truly be effective, she must be totally and completely comfortable with her partner. Since she is open and displayed for him to see every inch of her in this sex position, she’s got to be comfortable with herself as well. Confident girls will like this sex position because it gives their lovers such pleasure to see them spread out. She’ll also enjoy the intimacy of being able to look him in the eye as they both experience orgasm.

His O-Meter


He’s comfortable in the See Saw sex position, and he really enjoys it because he can simply sit back, relax and watch as she grinds, rotates and thrusts all over him. With her legs spread open, he can see everything that is happening, and that kind of visual stimulation is exactly what he needs to take a hot sex position to the next level.


The more she gets into the show for him, the better this position will be!

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