Shoulder Holder Sex Position

Sex Positions: Shoulder Holder

Get the deepest possible penetration and awesome g-spot stimulation with the Shoulder Holder sex position! You really can’t get any deeper than this, and the stimulation feels great for both partners. Some women might not be able to keep their legs straight, so bend your knees a little if you have to.

How To Do It

The Shoulder Holder is another twist on the Missionary, but is a little more challenging. The female partner rests on her back with her legs straight up in the air, and the male partner sits up on his knees to penetrate her. Her legs will rest gently on his shoulders. This move can be a little more difficult for women who aren’t as flexible in the legs. Ladies, feel free to bend your knees gently if your legs begin to feel too stretched.

Where To Do It

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Bed, couch, floor, reclining chair

Props You’ll Need

A pillow for her lower back increases comfort and g-spot/a-spot stimulation.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


The Shoulder Holder is one of the sex positions that allows for the deepest penetration. This allows her to fully feel him inside of her, and he can reach her a-spot easily in this position. With plenty of foreplay and clitoral stimulation, she can achieve a really intense orgasm in this position.

His O-Meter


He will love the view in this sex position! It’s another sex position in which he is the dominant partner, and this can be exceptionally erotic for him. He can grab her legs or hips and use them as leverage to thrust even deeper. He will really enjoy being able to feel every inch of himself inside her.


To give him a super sexy view, she can spread her legs in a “V.” This allows him to see and enjoy all the hot, sweaty action!

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