Side Saddle Sex Position

Sex Position: Side Saddle

The Side Saddle sex position is a unique twist on Woman On Top, and can be fun for both partners but it is a little more difficult for her than it is him.

How To Do It

The male partner lies on the edge of the bed or the couch, completely flat. The female partner stands at his hips, facing away from him, and lowers herself onto his groin, with her feet still on the floor. Her body will be perpendicular to his and she will be facing away from him throughout lovemaking. She will use her legs and arms to push herself up and down on his penis.

Where To Do It

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Couch or the edge of the bed.

Props You’ll Need

He may want a pillow, but it’s not essential, especially when you’re engaging in the Side Saddle sex position on a comfortable surface like the couch or bed.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


This can be a difficult sex position for her to master and enjoy, simply because she is responsible for all the movement during sex. The Side Saddle sex position requires substantial strength in the arms and legs, and a certain amount of stamina and endurance as well. If your legs and arms aren’t muscular and used to physical strain, you’ll notice your thighs, calves and arm muscles start to burn after just a few minutes of moving yourself up and down. However, athletic women may truly enjoy the control they have in this sex position!

His O-Meter


The Side Saddle sex position is a breeze for him, because all he’s doing is laying there! He’s quite comfortable here and can relax and enjoy the sensations as long as his lover can keep it up. He’ll enjoy letting her “take the reigns” for a little while!


She can make the Side Saddle sex position more enjoyable if she thinks of her man as a” living Sybian”. He is a penis for her to ride and enjoy. He by the way will greatly enjoy her confidence and freedom!

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