Sideways 69 Sex Position

Sex Position: Sideways 69

Sideways 69 is the best of both worlds.

How To Do It

The Sideways 69 oral sex position is a personal favorite because it allows both partners to give and experience oral sex simultaneously and no one has to be on top or bottom. In the Sideways 69 sex position both partners are on their sides head to toe. This can be easier on everyone’s neck!

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For the Sideways 69 position to be successful, however, both partners must be clean and very comfortable with each other. The partner on top may feel exposed, since their lover’s face, mouth and nose are so close to their buttocks and genitals. If you’re comfortable with your lover though and do some basic hygiene (such as a sexy shower together) beforehand, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Where To Do It

Floor, couch, bed, reclining chair, outdoors, anywhere you can both comfortably lie down

Props You’ll Need

A shower beforehand, pillows for comfort

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


Sideways 69 is a great way for a woman to receive oral sex when her partner is reluctant to go down on her without getting anything in return. By offering to 69, she can entice her lover to do something for her, because she’s doing something for him. Some guys enjoy performing oral sex on a woman regardless, but other men have difficulty enjoying oral sex if they’re not being stimulated in some way as well. The only caveat here is that she’s focusing on giving him oral pleasure, so her own is reduced somewhat. She cannot fully focus on the sensations and pleasure of receiving oral sex, simply because she’s trying to do two things at once.

His O-Meter


Guys like the idea of being able to receive oral sex at the same time they give it, because for some men, giving oral sex isn’t enjoyable in and of itself if their penis is not being stimulated in some way. Sideways 69 is an excellent solution to this problem! However, he cannot focus solely on his own pleasure, because he’s also trying to give her oral pleasure as well. It’s definitely enjoyable for him, but just slightly less enjoyable than if he were to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy a blowjob.


This is a great way to transition from 69 to Reverse 69.

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