Spooning Sex Position

Sex Positions: Spoon

As far as romantic and intimate sex positions go, Spooning is really where it’s at. Much like spooning when sleeping or cuddling, this sex position provides full body contact and plenty of opportunities for touching, hugging, kissing and whispering in each other’s ears.

How To Do It

This is an excellent intimate sex position that will give both partners a sense of emotional connection. While both partners are lying on their sides, he enters her from behind, with his chest resting up against her back. This is very much like the “spooning” position that many couples use while sleeping – which makes this sex position so comforting and sensual.

Where To Do It

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Props You’ll Need

Pillows for your head

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


She will really enjoy the intimacy of this sex position. It feels very much like cuddling to her, which is right up her alley. The penetration might not be as deep as other sex positions, however, he can make up for it by reaching around and stroking her skin with his hands, cupping her breasts and fondling her clitoris.

His O-Meter


With this sex position, there’s not much in the way for him to look at, which can be a huge damper during sex. Fix this by installing a mirror next to your bed if you don’t already have one – he can enter her from behind, while still getting to enjoy checking her out from top to bottom.


This is the perfect position for spontaneous middle-of-the-night sex. To add a BDSM twist, he can pull her hair or grab her throat from behind.

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