Spread Eagle Sex Position

Sex Positions: Spread Eagle

This classic oral sex position for her is a tried and true standard for many couples. Although it lacks the “exotic” factor, it’s a favorite among women because they can simply lie back, relax and enjoy the pleasure!

How To Do It

This is the “Missionary” of oral sex positions for her – it’s the most common oral sex position for women, and it’s actually a favorite, simply because the female partner has the ability to relax and focus on the pleasurable sensations she’s receiving. For many women, relaxation and focusing is key to achieving orgasm! The female partner lies on her back with her legs spread, and her male partner situates himself in between her legs so that he can give her oral sex. It’s simple, but very, very effective!

Where To Do It

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Bed, couch, floor, any flat surface

Props You’ll Need

Pillow for her head and lower back (a pillow under her lower back will tilt her pelvis up and give her partner more access to her vulva)

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


Women love the Spread Eagle oral sex position because they’re able to lie back, relax and enjoy everything. They only have to focus on what feels good, which can be exactly what a woman needs to reach orgasm.

His O-Meter


This is probably the least favorite oral sex position among men, simply because it can make for some serious neck cramps! It’s not easy getting the angle right when licking, and the neck can bend in an odd way. Some men may not be able to keep this position up long enough to actually bring their lovers to orgasm. He also can’t reach down and stimulate himself very well.


Guys, slip a lubed finger inside her vagina and gently massage her g-spot while you lick her clitoris (after she’s warmed up and turned on of course!) This will increase her chances of orgasm and if you do it well enough, you may even get her to squirt!

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