Sunny Side Up Sex Position

Sex Position: Sunny Side Up

The Sunny Side Up sex position is an interesting twist on rear entry and woman on top. She’ll love this sex position as much as he does!

How To Do It

The male partner lies on a flat surface face up, and his partner lies on top of him, also face up so her back is pressed against his torso. He enters her this way from behind, and grasps her hips to help push her up and down on top of him. This is both a somewhat exotic yet sweet and sensual sex position which both partners will enjoy! However, this is not a good sex position to try if the female partner is on the heavy side because it will be much more difficult for him to stay comfortable and lift her hips up and down.

Where To Do It

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The Sunny Side Up sex position is an excellent sex position for the backseat of the car or the couch if you’re looking for something other than your traditional Missionary to try in these places.

Props You’ll Need

He will be very grateful for a pillow under his head!

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


She loves the intimacy of the Sunny Side Up sex position and enjoys it fairly well, but it’s not particularly orgasmic for her unless her lover reaches around and stimulates her clitoris, or she does it herself.

His O-Meter


His arms may tire some from lifting his partner’s hips up and down to facilitate thrusting, but he will enjoy the closeness and uniqueness that the Sunny Side Up sex position has to offer. It’s definitely on his “must try” list! He’ll really enjoy reaching up and fondling her breasts as she grinds against him.


This is a great sex position for the adventurous couple who enjoys anal sex, because it provides a more intimate way to engage in anal than with more traditional anal sex positions like Doggy Style. She can make the Sunny Side Up sex position super hot for her by using a clitoral vibrator on herself while she grinds against her lover’s groin!

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