Life Raft Sex Position

Sex Position: Life Raft

The Life Raft sex position is a fairly easy but exciting twist on Doggy Style, and is especially fun for the male partner. This is definitely a must try, whether it becomes one of your favorites or not.

How To Do It

The female partner lays on the edge of table, desk, or bed on her belly with her knees bent and spread a little further than shoulder width apart. The male partner comes up behind her, lifting her knees and hitching them up around his hips where he can penetrate her. This may be easier to do if he penetrates first, and then wraps her legs around him. She’ll will continue to keep her legs wrapped around him while he thrusts.

Where To Do It

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The Life Raft sex position requires a bed or other surface like a desk or table that is approximately hip height.

Props You’ll Need

A blanket or thick towel is recommended if a desk or table is used. It will make this position more comfortable for her.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


The Life Raft sex position is a bit of a novelty position that she’s not going to get much from in and of itself. She can reach her hands down and stimulate her own clitoris for more pleasure during intercourse, but unless she really digs rear entry or anal sex, this is not going to be at the top of her list. It is, however, fairly comfortable for her since her lover is supporting her legs, so most girls don’t have a problem giving this one a try for their partners.

His O-Meter


This is a great sex position for “butt guys” but “breast guys” aren’t going to like it as well as other sex positions that showcase his lover’s rack. It may get a little tiresome for him to hold her legs up and thrust at the same time, but the Life Raft sex position is still a fun one to try, because you never know – he really may like the angle of penetration here and how she’s spread out and waiting just for him!


Add a pillow or rolled up towel under her hips to enhance the angle of penetration.

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