Sybian Sex Position

Sex Position: Sybian

Just like the Sybian sex furniture, the Sybian sex position allows the female partner to be in complete control, and thrust and grind herself to orgasm.

How To Do It

The male partner lies back on an ottoman or table, with his feet flat on the floor. The chosen piece of furniture should be long enough so that his head is and hips are supported, and only his feet and legs are draped over the side. The female partner straddles his hips and lowers herself onto his penis while facing him, and uses him to grind and thrust her way to a g-spot or clitoral orgasm – or both!

Where To Do It

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Anywhere you have the right type of furniture.

Props You’ll Need

You’ll need an ottoman or table with a thick, soft blanket draped over it that allows the man to lie back while keeping his feet on the floor. The female partner must also have her feet on the floor and if she has to squat down too far, the Sybian sex position isn’t as effective – so keep an eye out for furniture that is tall enough and meets these criteria.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


Since she is in complete control here, she can give herself as much or as little clitoral friction as she needs to orgasm. She can also choose what depth and speed to thrust at, stimulating her g-spot on just the right way. The Sybian sex position is named after the popular Sybian sex toy – a mountable toy that allows a woman to ride herself to complete bliss. Doing it with a real person can be just as satisfying, if not more so!

His O-Meter


He enjoys laying back and allowing his partner to be in control every once in a while, and for guys who don’t know much about how to give a woman an orgasm during intercourse, the Sybian sex position is an excellent option since she takes the reins and is responsible for giving herself an orgasm while using his “equipment.” He also enjoys the view!


He is your toy in this position so enjoy the ride and give him a good show!

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