The Original Oral Sex Position

Sex Position: The Original Oral Sex Position

The “chicken soup” of oral sex positions for him, the Original oral sex position is probably one of his favorite ways to receive a blowjob. It allows him to lie back and relax while he receives pleasure, and it’s not terribly difficult for her to do either.

How To Do It

The male partner lies back, propped up against pillows or even flat on his back, while his partner kneels over him to give oral sex. His legs are spread enough so that she can get in between them, and she can either support her weight on her knees or lie flat on her stomach.

Where To Do It

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The Original oral sex position can be done on the bed, couch, floor and perhaps even the car! This is a very versatile oral sex position for both partners. Feel free to do it anywhere you see an opportunity to lie down!

Props You’ll Need

Pillows for him if he wants his torso supported so he can watch the action.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


She likes the Original oral sex position because it’s easy for her to do and he enjoys it. This is probably the  first oral sex position a woman learns to use!

His O-Meter


He loves the Original oral sex position simply because it’s tried and true. It may be one of the first positions he’s ever had a blowjob in, so of course there are fond memories! He’s lying back and relaxing while getting a blowjob, and if he’s propped up, he gets to watch. It’s simple, yet very, very effective.


Try playing with some submissive roles for her. A sex game where she’s “serving” him can be a lot of fun when you incorporate the Original oral sex position in the mix! Or, you can simply revel in the comfort that this oldie but goodie gives both partners.

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