Turtle Sex Position

Sex Position: Turtle

The Turtle sex position is an easy twist on Doggy Style that will add some spice to an old favorite. He really enjoys how submissive she is here, and how in control he is.

How To Do It

The female partner rests her weight on her knees and folds over, putting her forehead as close to her knees as possible. Her breasts will be resting against the top of her thighs and she’ll look almost like a turtle, hence the name of this sex position. The male partner enters her from behind with his legs spread and on either side of her, almost like traditional Doggy Style. It’s an easy position to get into and stay in, and it’s a simple twist on an old favorite if you’re looking for something new to do.

Where To Do It

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A flat surface with a fair amount of space, such as on the floor or in the bed. The couch or the backseat of a car wouldn’t work very well for the Turtle Sex position because of the way the male partner needs to spread his legs.

Props You’ll Need

She may want a pillow under her knees or a blanket spread out for her if you’re not doing the Turtle sex position in a comfortable place like on the bed.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


This is not one of her favorite sex positions by far. There is zero access to her clitoris and the way she is folded over onto herself prevents him or her from really getting down there to stimulate it. The g-spot can be accessed okay in the Turtle sex position, but without clitoral stimulation or even face to face contact, it’s going to be very difficult for her to actually reach orgasm here.

His O-Meter


Although this is a fun twist on Doggy Style for him and he enjoys how submissive she is in the Turtle sex position, there’s not much for him to look at here besides his lover’s back. This is a fun one to try, but it’s not going to be one of his all time favorites either.


If you’re into BDSM at all, this can be a fun sex position to incorporate some bondage into. Her hands can be bound to her ankles in this position for an ultra submissive variation.

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