Under The Hood – For Her Oral Sex Position

Sex Position: Under The Hood For Her

The Under The Hood – For Her oral sex position is one that gives her partner full access to her nether region, and makes her feel exceptionally exposed.

How To Do It

The female partner lies on her back, and brings her legs and knees as close to her chest as possible. Typically, her legs are stretched out, but if this is difficult for her to do, a slight bend in the knee is okay. She can hold the backs of her thighs to help support her legs. The male partner then kneels to give his partner oral sex.

Where To Do It

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A wide space like the bed or floor is best for the Under The Hood  sex position, but the bed is of course going to be much more comfortable.

Props You’ll Need

She will want a pillow under her head, and he’ll want one under his knees if he’s on the floor. A rolled up blanket or towel will also work.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


If she’s not comfortable with her anal area being exposed, she’s not going to like this sex position very much. However, for women who are totally comfortable with themselves, this one is a must try! It’s totally hot!

His O-Meter


He likes the Under The Hood oral sex position because it  gives her the opportunity to feel vulnerable and him the opportunity to be in complete control.


For a bondage twist, restrain her hands with ties and hold her legs in the fully spread position while giving her pleasure.

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