Against The Wall Sex Position

Sex Position: Against The Wall

Against The Wall is a kinky variation on the Bodyguard sex position.

How To Do It

In this variation, the man pushes her against the wall and enters her from behind. Like Bodyguard, height differences between partners can make it a little more challenging so you may need to plan ahead and take advantage of stairs or make sure you had a step stool handy. He can kiss or gently bite her neck, pull her hair and talk dirty in her ear!

Where To Do It

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Shower, closet, bathroom, anywhere else you can stand and have a wall to press against.

Props You’ll Need

Footstool for the lady if she’s petite. This will help better line up your genitals for ease of thrusting.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


Up Against The Wall can be really exciting for her but requires quite a bit of mental foreplay ahead of time to get her in the mood.

His O-Meter


This position provides the perfect opportunity for him to really bring out his alpha male personality!


This is a great sex position to use in the shower or hallway. To really spice it up, try a dark room or closet.

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