Wheelbarrow Sex Position

Sex Position: Wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow sex position is definitely one of the favorites for guys who enjoy exotic sex positions. With him in total control, she’s at his mercy! It’s an excellent position for guys who really like a “butt view,” although this may not be her favorite sex position. However, it’s certainly a novelty that you’ll want to try!

How To Do It

The male partner stands normally, with his feet about shoulder width apart. The female partner will get on all fours a la Doggy Style and back up to him until she’s close enough that he can bend down and pick her up from the waist. He will pick her up and position her hips in line with his, entering her from “behind.” This requires a bit of strength on his part, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. She will spread her legs out, allowing him to get a good grip on her hips and thighs to allow for thrusting. Her hands are still positioned on the floor, supporting the majority of her weight.

Where To Do It

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In a room with plenty of space on the floor, without furniture in the way. The Wheelbarrow sex position definitely requires one thing, and that’s space!

Props You’ll Need

She might want a towel, soft blanket or rug to put her hands on to prevent rug burn or irritation on her palms.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


There’s not much in it for her as far as the Wheelbarrow sex position goes. It’s an awkward position for her to get into, and for her to stay in. The blood will rush to her head, making her a little dizzy, and she may not be able to keep it up for long. However, some women who enjoy the exotic sex positions will certainly dig the novelty here.

His O-Meter


He is in complete control during the Wheelbarrow sex position, and he loves it! The view is great, he’s comfortable standing up and it’s just all around a super hot sex position for him.


Ease into this one by having her down on her elbows on a bed or sofa. As she gets stronger, you can try a full Wheelbarrow.

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