Yoga Master Sex Position

Sex Position: Yoga Master

For the athletic man, the Yoga Master sex position is an exotic rear entry position that is a perfect fit for the super adventurous couple.

How To Do It

The female partner lies on the bed on her stomach, with her hips at the edge of the bed and her torso hanging off. She rests her hands and head on the floor while he mounts her from behind on the bed. Her legs are closed and straight, and his are as well, lining up with her legs. He penetrates her from behind and uses his hands to arch his back up (almost like the Sun Salutation yoga move) and thrust. This is a fairly difficult position to do, but can be highly rewarding for the couple who enjoys very exotic sex positions.

Where To Do It

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This is a sex position to use on the bed. You’ll be using the edge of it, but it’s just not one you can do anywhere else.

Props You’ll Need

She will definitely want a pillow if her head is on the floor!

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


She may not like the Yoga Master sex position as much as he does, simply because there is very little in it for her unless she really enjoys rear entry or anal penetration. Her clitoris is well hidden and neither partner can really reach it to stimulate it. Also, because of the position of both his legs and hers, he can’t penetrate her very deeply, especially if his penis is smaller. However, if she enjoys exotic positions, she will like how different this sex position is from others.

His O-Meter


Although the Yoga Master sex position is strenuous on him, he’ll like how unique and exotic it is if he’s adventurous. The flexible man with strong arms will likely not have much difficulty with this sex position, however, getting the thrusting action down pat can be a bit difficult.


Practice this one by starting with basic Rear Entry using a Liberator Wedge. He can also achieve a similar effect by standing and bending her over the back of a sofa or chair.

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