Scissors Sex Position

Sex Position: Scissors

The Scissors sex position is an exotic sex position that is easy to do and is a great sex position to use when others won't work, like during pregnancy. How To Do It The male partner lies on his side on a bed, and lifts one of his legs so that his legs are wide open. His partner lies on her back … [Read more...]

Twister Sex Position

Sex Position: Twister

If you're looking for a super exotic sex position, the Twister sex position is right up your alley. Challenging yet fun, it's a must try! How To Do It The female partner lies on her right side, and her partner also lies on his right side, facing away from her. He will be positioned with his head … [Read more...]

Yoga Master Sex Position

Sex Position: Yoga Master

For the athletic man, the Yoga Master sex position is an exotic rear entry position that is a perfect fit for the super adventurous couple. How To Do It The female partner lies on the bed on her stomach, with her hips at the edge of the bed and her torso hanging off. She rests her hands and head … [Read more...]

Wheelbarrow Sex Position

Sex Position: Wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow sex position is definitely one of the favorites for guys who enjoy exotic sex positions. With him in total control, she's at his mercy! It's an excellent position for guys who really like a "butt view," although this may not be her favorite sex position. However, it's certainly a … [Read more...]