Viennese Oyster Sex Position

Sex Position: Viennese Oyster

The Viennese Oyster sex position is deliciously naughty, although it is difficult to master for most women. However, if you can, the rewards are great! How To Do It The female partner lies on her back, raising her legs and wrapping them behind her head. Her ankles should be crossed, however, this … [Read more...]

Side Saddle Sex Position

Sex Position: Side Saddle

The Side Saddle sex position is a unique twist on Woman On Top, and can be fun for both partners but it is a little more difficult for her than it is him. How To Do It The male partner lies on the edge of the bed or the couch, completely flat. The female partner stands at his hips, facing away … [Read more...]

See Saw Sex Position

Sex Position: See Saw

Express your intimacy and achieve intense orgasms with the See Saw sex position. This is an easy one to do that both partners really enjoy! How To Do It The male partner sits on the floor or the bed, with his legs stretched out and supporting his weight on his arms behind him. She straddles him, … [Read more...]

Rear View Mirror Sex Position

Sex Position: Rear View Mirror

If you're looking for an exotic yet easy to do rear entry sex position, the Rear View Mirror sex position will definitely fit the bill. It's fun to try! How To Do It The male partner sits on a surface like the floor or bed with his legs stretched out, and spread apart slightly so his lover can fit … [Read more...]

Pretzel Sex Position

Sex Position: Pretzel

The Pretzel sex position is a seated sex position that creates intimacy between both partners with its face to face rocking and grinding. How To Do It To get into the Pretzel sex position, the male partner must sit on a flat surface and lie back some, resting his weight on his hands behind him. … [Read more...]