Missionary Reversed Sex Position

Sex Position: Missionary Reversed

The Missionary Reversed sex position is a fun one to try if his penis is fairly flexible and he's up for something a little more exotic. Some guys aren't going to dig this position because it requires them to thrust at an exceptionally odd angle, but other guys will enjoy how different this sex … [Read more...]

Inverted Spooning Sex Position

Sex Position: Inverted Spoon

The Inverted Spooning sex position is a unique position for side by side fun that is a bit more kinky than traditional spooning. It's exotic yet still intimate! How To Do It The male partner will lie down on his side on a flat surface, and his partner will lie on her side facing away from him, … [Read more...]

G-Force Sex Position

Sex Position: G-Force

In the G-Force sex position, deep penetration is achieved in a unique way. It can be uncomfortable for the woman, but it's also really hot! How To Do It The male partner kneels in front of the female partner who is on her back, with her knees together and drawn up towards her chest. He then lifts … [Read more...]

Grasshopper Sex Position

Sex Position: Grasshopper

While the Grasshopper sex position causes the penis to bend at an awkward way, this position can be super erotic for the flexible man. If you like exotic sex positions, the Grasshopper is definitely one you'll at least want to try. How To Do It The female partner lies on a flat surface on her … [Read more...]

Deep Victory Sex Position

Sex Position: Deep Victory

The Deep Victory sex position is a bit difficult for women who aren't flexible, but if you can do this one, the deep penetration and intimacy are worth it! It's an excellent sex position for g-spot and a-spot stimulation, and the ability to look at each other face to face during sex makes this one a … [Read more...]