Ballerina Sex Position

Sex Positions: Ballerina

The Ballerina sex position is a popular standing sex position that is an excellent choice for very flexible women! Women who aren't as flexible may find this position difficult to get into and stay in though, so if you can't hike your leg up that far, consider another position or practice stretching … [Read more...]

Crab Sex Position

Sex Positions: Crab

The Crab sex position is a unique woman on top sex position that gives the male partner quite a show during lovemaking, even if it is awkward for him to do. How To Do It The male partner lies on his back with his legs spread a little, and the female partner sits on top of him, with her feet facing … [Read more...]

Cowboy Sex Position

Sex Positions: Cowboy

If you imagine the Cowgirl sex position but with the man on top, you have the Cowboy sex position. It's a fun twist on missionary, or "him on top" sex! How To Do It The female partner lies on her back with her legs pressed together, as if she were in the traditional Missionary sex position. Her … [Read more...]

Amazon Sex Position

Sex Positions: Amazon

The Amazon sex position is an exotic form of woman on top that is easy for her, but a bit difficult for him. It's great if he wants to be submissive. How To Do It The male partner lies on his back and raises his legs, bringing his knees up to his chest with his legs parted. The female partner then … [Read more...]

Crazy Starfish Sex Position

Sex Positions: Crazy Starfish

For a super exotic sex position that you can add to your "we tried" list, the Double Crab sex position is fun yet very challenging for both partners. How To Do It Both partners will lie on their sides facing the same way, but head to toe with each other. The female partner will lower herself onto … [Read more...]