Butterfly Sex Position

Sex Positions: Butterfly

Another variation on the standard Missionary, the Butterfly is easy to do yet very satisfying for both male and female partners. There isn't quite as much eye contact here, but the female partner is still positioned in such a way as her lover can stimulate her nipples and clitoris with his … [Read more...]

Bridge Sex Position

Sex Positions: Bridge

Guys will love the show a woman gives him when she bends over backwards in the Bridge sex position. It's a fairly difficult position to master, and can be hard on a woman. However, longevity is not necessary in this position - it's a great one to try for a little while before you switch to something … [Read more...]

Drill Sex Position

Sex Positions: Drill

Feel every inch of your partner during sex with the intimate but still naughty Drill sex position! It's a sexy twist on standard Missionary, and allows for super deep penetration. This will result in intense g-spot stimulation for her and a mind-blowing orgasm for him! Definitely a must try. How To … [Read more...]

Shoulder Holder Sex Position

Sex Positions: Shoulder Holder

Get the deepest possible penetration and awesome g-spot stimulation with the Shoulder Holder sex position! You really can't get any deeper than this, and the stimulation feels great for both partners. Some women might not be able to keep their legs straight, so bend your knees a little if you have … [Read more...]

Deck Chair Sex Position

Sex Positions: Deck Chair

The Deck Chair sex position is a deep penetration twist on Missionary that both partners will really enjoy! It's simple to do, but deeply satisfying for both partners. Get the deep sensations of Doggy Style or Rear Entry with the eye contact and intimacy of the Missionary sex position. How To Do … [Read more...]