Leg Up Sex Position

Sex Position: Leg Up

This hot oral sex position for her is simple for both partners. The Leg Up sex position gives him full access to her, while making it easy for her to watch. How To Do It The female partner stands side by side with a chair, couch, low table or other surface and raises her leg at roughly a ninety … [Read more...]

Feedbag Sex Position

Sex Position: Feedbag

The Feedbag sex position is an interesting oral sex position for her that can be a little challenging for her but is very rewarding once it is accomplished. How To Do It The female partner lies on the couch with her rear at the edge of it and her legs and feet hanging off. Her partner then kneels … [Read more...]

Ear Warmer Sex Position

Sex Position: Ear Warmer

The Ear Warmer sex position is a simple variation of the Spread Eagle, where she has more control and may be more comfortable than with her legs spread. How To Do It The female partner lies back and spreads her legs long enough for her partner to lie on his stomach and place his head in between to … [Read more...]