Linguini Sex Position

Linguini Sex Position

The Linguini sex position is great position for deep penetration and to really let yourself go and become totally absorbed in the moment. How To Do It The female partner lies on her side with a pillow under her head for extra support. While she lounges, the male partner kneels directly behind her … [Read more...]

Spork Sex Position

Sex Position: Spork

The Spork sex position is a sweetly intimate, side by side sex position you can use for rear entry vaginal sex or even anal sex if you like. A must try! How To Do It Assume the traditional spooning sex position, with both partners lying on their side and the male partner resting the front of his … [Read more...]

X Marks The Spot Sex Position

Sex Position:  X Marks The Spot

The X Marks The Spot sex position is a fun variation on a standing sex position, involving the use of a table and a very willing woman! How To Do It In the X Marks The Spot sex position, the woman lies on a table or other elevated flat surface with her rear scooted all the way to the edge. She is … [Read more...]

Yoga Master Sex Position

Sex Position: Yoga Master

For the athletic man, the Yoga Master sex position is an exotic rear entry position that is a perfect fit for the super adventurous couple. How To Do It The female partner lies on the bed on her stomach, with her hips at the edge of the bed and her torso hanging off. She rests her hands and head … [Read more...]

Turtle Sex Position

Sex Position: Turtle

The Turtle sex position is an easy twist on Doggy Style that will add some spice to an old favorite. He really enjoys how submissive she is here, and how in control he is. How To Do It The female partner rests her weight on her knees and folds over, putting her forehead as close to her knees as … [Read more...]