Sunny Side Up Sex Position

Sex Position: Sunny Side Up

The Sunny Side Up sex position is an interesting twist on rear entry and woman on top. She'll love this sex position as much as he does! How To Do It The male partner lies on a flat surface face up, and his partner lies on top of him, also face up so her back is pressed against his torso. He … [Read more...]

Squat Sex Position

Sex Position: Squat

The Squat sex position is a challenging standing position that requires lots of balance on the female partner's part. It's fun to try if you can do it! How To Do It For the male partner, the Squat sex position is particularly simple, because all he's doing is standing in front of his partner, who … [Read more...]

Rear View Mirror Sex Position

Sex Position: Rear View Mirror

If you're looking for an exotic yet easy to do rear entry sex position, the Rear View Mirror sex position will definitely fit the bill. It's fun to try! How To Do It The male partner sits on a surface like the floor or bed with his legs stretched out, and spread apart slightly so his lover can fit … [Read more...]

Prison Guard Sex Position

Sex Position: Prison Guard

The Prison Guard sex position is a wonderfully submissive (on the woman's part) position that allows for both vaginal rear entry intercourse and anal sex. How To Do It The Prison Guard sex position is a fairly easy position to get into, since both partners are standing. The female partner is … [Read more...]

Kneeling Embrace Sex Position

Sex Position: Kneeling Embrace

The Kneeling Embrace sex position is a sweet and sensual combination of sitting, rear entry and woman on top that is orgasmic for both partners. How To Do It In the Kneeling Embrace sex position, the male partner sits on a flat surface on his knees, with his knees together or spread only slightly … [Read more...]