Life Raft Sex Position

Sex Position: Life Raft

The Life Raft sex position is a fairly easy but exciting twist on Doggy Style, and is especially fun for the male partner. This is definitely a must try, whether it becomes one of your favorites or not. How To Do It The female partner lays on the edge of table, desk, or bed on her belly with her … [Read more...]

Jockey Sex Position

Sex Position: Jockey

The Jockey sex position is an old favorite for both rear entry vaginal intercourse and anal sex. It's fun to do and comfortable for both partners. The position of her legs makes for a super tight entrance either way, making it hotter for him and her. How To Do It This is a fairly easy position to … [Read more...]

Hot Seat Sex Position

Sex Position: Hot Seat

The Hot Seat sex position is a combination between Woman On Top and rear entry. It's perfect for when you're craving something a little naughty, but not too difficult to do. How To Do It The male partner sits with his knees bent and his feet flat on the floor, supporting his torso on either a … [Read more...]

G-Force Sex Position

Sex Position: G-Force

In the G-Force sex position, deep penetration is achieved in a unique way. It can be uncomfortable for the woman, but it's also really hot! How To Do It The male partner kneels in front of the female partner who is on her back, with her knees together and drawn up towards her chest. He then lifts … [Read more...]

Grasshopper Sex Position

Sex Position: Grasshopper

While the Grasshopper sex position causes the penis to bend at an awkward way, this position can be super erotic for the flexible man. If you like exotic sex positions, the Grasshopper is definitely one you'll at least want to try. How To Do It The female partner lies on a flat surface on her … [Read more...]