See Saw Sex Position

Sex Position: See Saw

Express your intimacy and achieve intense orgasms with the See Saw sex position. This is an easy one to do that both partners really enjoy! How To Do It The male partner sits on the floor or the bed, with his legs stretched out and supporting his weight on his arms behind him. She straddles him, … [Read more...]

Pretzel Sex Position

Sex Position: Pretzel

The Pretzel sex position is a seated sex position that creates intimacy between both partners with its face to face rocking and grinding. How To Do It To get into the Pretzel sex position, the male partner must sit on a flat surface and lie back some, resting his weight on his hands behind him. … [Read more...]

Laptop Sex Position

Sex Position: Laptop

The Laptop sex position is an interesting variation on the Assisted Lotus, and although it looks difficult, it's really not. It's definitely a must try! How To Do It The male partner sits in a chair normally, with his lover sitting on his lap, facing him. Instead of wrapping each of her legs on … [Read more...]

Kneeling Embrace Sex Position

Sex Position: Kneeling Embrace

The Kneeling Embrace sex position is a sweet and sensual combination of sitting, rear entry and woman on top that is orgasmic for both partners. How To Do It In the Kneeling Embrace sex position, the male partner sits on a flat surface on his knees, with his knees together or spread only slightly … [Read more...]

Assisted Lotus Sex Position

Sex Positions: Assisted Lotus

If you have trouble with the Lotus position but still crave face to face intimacy, try the Assisted Lotus sex position. It's easier and just as sensual. How To Do It The male partner will sit in a chair normally, with his legs slack. The female partner will straddle his lap while facing him, … [Read more...]