Piston Sex Position

Sex Position: Piston

The Piston sex position is a great standing position for athletic couples, and affords for super deep and exotic penetration. It's definitely a must try! How To Do It The male partner stands with his back to a chair or couch, facing his female partner. He lifts her onto his penis (which is no … [Read more...]

Deep Victory Sex Position

Sex Position: Deep Victory

The Deep Victory sex position is a bit difficult for women who aren't flexible, but if you can do this one, the deep penetration and intimacy are worth it! It's an excellent sex position for g-spot and a-spot stimulation, and the ability to look at each other face to face during sex makes this one a … [Read more...]

Ballerina Sex Position

Sex Positions: Ballerina

The Ballerina sex position is a popular standing sex position that is an excellent choice for very flexible women! Women who aren't as flexible may find this position difficult to get into and stay in though, so if you can't hike your leg up that far, consider another position or practice stretching … [Read more...]

Ben Dover Sex Position

Sex Positions: Ben Dover

The Ben Dover sex position lives up to its name! She bends over and he has her way with her, creating deep penetration in a standing sex position. How To Do It The Ben Dover sex position is relatively easy to do, and provides for very deep penetration. The male partner stands on two feet with his … [Read more...]

Over The Desk Sex Position

Sex Positions: Over The Desk

The Over The Desk Sex Position is a kinky variation Standing Doggy. The variation is that the female parter is bent over a desk or table and gently held down to introduce some light bondage into the position. How To Do It The female partner stands facing away from her partner and lays flat on the … [Read more...]