Seated Scissors Sex Position

Sex Position: Seated Scissors

The Seated Scissors sex position is a fun position that allows her to be on top and get great clitoral stimulation too. How To Do It The male partner lies on his back on a bed, and spreads his legs with one knee bent. His partner gets on top of him with her legs intertwined with his. She is facing … [Read more...]

Sybian Sex Position

Sex Position: Sybian

Just like the Sybian sex furniture, the Sybian sex position allows the female partner to be in complete control, and thrust and grind herself to orgasm. How To Do It The male partner lies back on an ottoman or table, with his feet flat on the floor. The chosen piece of furniture should be long … [Read more...]

Sunny Side Up Sex Position

Sex Position: Sunny Side Up

The Sunny Side Up sex position is an interesting twist on rear entry and woman on top. She'll love this sex position as much as he does! How To Do It The male partner lies on a flat surface face up, and his partner lies on top of him, also face up so her back is pressed against his torso. He … [Read more...]

Side Saddle Sex Position

Sex Position: Side Saddle

The Side Saddle sex position is a unique twist on Woman On Top, and can be fun for both partners but it is a little more difficult for her than it is him. How To Do It The male partner lies on the edge of the bed or the couch, completely flat. The female partner stands at his hips, facing away … [Read more...]

Lunge Sex Position

Sex Position: Lunge

The Lunge sex position is a fun twist on Woman On Top that allows for super deep penetration - the only trick is, the female partner must be quite flexible. How To Do It The male partner lies on his back with his legs spread open a little past shoulder width. The female partner begins to come up … [Read more...]