Kneeling Embrace Sex Position

Sex Position: Kneeling Embrace

The Kneeling Embrace sex position is a sweet and sensual combination of sitting, rear entry and woman on top that is orgasmic for both partners. How To Do It In the Kneeling Embrace sex position, the male partner sits on a flat surface on his knees, with his knees together or spread only slightly … [Read more...]

Joystick Sex Position

Sex Position: Joystick

The Joystick sex position is a wild ride for both partners! It's not difficult to do at all, but produces intense orgasms for him and her. Very hot! How To Do It The male partner sits on a flat surface like the bed or the floor and reclines, resting his weight on his elbows. His knees are bent and … [Read more...]

Hot Seat Sex Position

Sex Position: Hot Seat

The Hot Seat sex position is a combination between Woman On Top and rear entry. It's perfect for when you're craving something a little naughty, but not too difficult to do. How To Do It The male partner sits with his knees bent and his feet flat on the floor, supporting his torso on either a … [Read more...]

Crab Sex Position

Sex Positions: Crab

The Crab sex position is a unique woman on top sex position that gives the male partner quite a show during lovemaking, even if it is awkward for him to do. How To Do It The male partner lies on his back with his legs spread a little, and the female partner sits on top of him, with her feet facing … [Read more...]

Amazon Sex Position

Sex Positions: Amazon

The Amazon sex position is an exotic form of woman on top that is easy for her, but a bit difficult for him. It's great if he wants to be submissive. How To Do It The male partner lies on his back and raises his legs, bringing his knees up to his chest with his legs parted. The female partner then … [Read more...]