4 Fun Date Ideas


Date ideas can easily grow stale after you have been with somebody for a while. Going to the same restaurant or the same bar can become monotonous and make your girlfriend feel like she is in an episode of The Twilight Zone. In order to spice things up, you should add a few new date ideas to your regiment.

Although every woman loves a romantic candlelit dinner or a trip to a vineyard, you don’t have to be extravagant in order to bring a little more romance into the relationship. Having fun on a date is essential. There are a few things that you can do without spending your rent while still maintaining a high level of romance. Here are some date ideas to help you get a little closer with your significant other.

Head To A Carnival

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Carnivals are great date ideas because they incorporate everything fun about being with your girlfriend or wife. Take your girl to a carnival in your area and she will have the time of her life trying to figure out the different games. Buy her a candy apple or some cotton candy. Try your own luck at the games in order to get her a stuffed animal. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel and flirt with her or hold her hand.

Being suspended 100 feet in the air might seem terrifying, but she will enjoy being able to look out over the entire venue. Carnivals usually have a couple of bands or shows at them, so be sure to stick around. Bring a blanket with you so you aren’t sitting on the ground. Hold her close during the show and she will feel the romance without the humdrum of dinner and a movie.

Take A Walk Through The City

A really cute date idea is to take a walk through the city on a nice night. Almost everybody has a city within twenty minutes of them, so take a drive if need be. Walk while holding hands throughout the city and stop at the various shops that you come to along the way. You’ll be surprised how much fun you have stopping at thrift stores, little boutiques, smaller restaurants and hole in the wall music venues.

Go to the ATM beforehand and pull out about $40. Some places will have a cover charge so you’ll need to pay in cash before you can go inside. You don’t have to dress up in order to take a walk throughout the city, however, you might want to put on something that is a little nicer so that you are not barred from stopping at more sophisticated restaurants or bars.

Check Out Local Events

One of the coolest date ideas is to go to a local event that you have never been to before. Most cities and towns will have local art shows, crafts fairs or live music. Not only will this get you out of the house, it can also help break down some of the same old dinner and a movie dates.

Check your local publications as well as local online websites to figure out when you’re going to have some local events in your area. These publications and online websites are the best resource for finding out exactly when you will be able to attend. Have dinner somewhere that you have never been to before to spice things up even more. Local events involve a lot of walking so make sure that you and your date have comfortable shoes.

Volunteer Your Time Together

Volunteering is also another great date idea. We all live busy lives and it’s hard to grab a quick second for yourself, let alone for charity. However, giving back to the community is important and getting involved with a volunteer program can help you achieve this. Join a volunteer program that involves an issue you care about. Take your date along with you to volunteer and you will bond over helping out with the charity.

Charities and other volunteer programs are always looking for people to help out so she will be a welcome addition to their team. Always be informed of what you’ll be doing beforehand so that you can dress accordingly. The program might want you to bring something to the event so get in touch with the event staff. Let them know that you are coming and get any requests of materials needed during the event.

Your date will be able to see you giving back to the community, which is romantic. She will also enjoy giving back herself, which will make your date a nice change from the traditional movie or dinner.

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