5 Great First Date Ideas To Get Laid


A first date is always super special. The romance, the excitement and meeting a new woman for the very first time. For most men – and maybe you – the ultimate first date ends in a good night kiss, where you sweep her off her feet. The kind of good night kiss that makes her invite you to come in to her place and spend the night.

The real question is, how would you make it happen? How can you get a woman to invite you in after your very first date? The answer is so simple, it’s obvious: Go on a great first date.

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In this article, you’ll discover five great first dates you can take any beautiful woman on so you can get laid. They’re proven winners for me and thousands of other men from around the world. And they’re fun first dates she’s NEVER been on, ever before. So you’ll “wow” her, no problem.

Check Out Her Toy Collection

Girls are silly, emotional creatures. And these silly, playful emotions are what makes her so fun when having sex. So go on a first date that gets her juices flowing. And make her laugh and smile more than any other man she knows.

Taking her to Toys R Us – or any toy store – for a first date lets you both play with stuff, hands on. So you’re sharing an activity (something most women complain men don’t do ENOUGH.) Plus, she’ll let her guard down around you. And you’ll be able to start flirting with her on a deeper, more sexual level.

Here are some great, fun activities you two can do, together, on your Toys R Us date:

  • Build your fantasy castle with Legos (some Toys R Us have block pits, others don’t. If  the local store in your town doesn’t, do it in her mind – ask her what her ideal Lego castle palace would look like)
  • Ask her what her favorite childhood toy was, and why (you can always buy it for her later on in your relationship – earning you HUGE brownie points)
  • Throw the bouncy balls back and forth (you can even carry one with you, to bonk her with, when she’s not looking)
  • Generally – if it makes her laugh and smile, you’re doing something right. And it’s impossible to go wrong, when you’re surrounded by toys.

How To Use Whipped Cream On A First Date

Take your date to a cooking or baking class, where you two can make something together. Then, once you’ve finished making the food, eat it together. If  she is creative and/or has tons of other guys chasing her, you’ll stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Not to mention, you’ll start to build “long term potential” so you’ll have less “resistance” when you two start to get intimate, later on in the night.

Where can you find these great cooking dates? Try sites like www.Groupon.com. They’ll hook you up with great deals and huge discounts.

Here are a few tips to make your cooking and dinner date even more fun:

  • Have a dessert date, instead of a dinner one (the food is lighter, so she won’t feel full and unsexy later, when she goes to take off her clothes)
  • Not to mention chocolate is a gigantic aphrodisiac (guaranteeing your woman is “in the mood” once the sun sets)
  • Paint her with food – whipped cream, chocolate sauce or tomato sauce on her nose. (Teasing like this gives you “bad boy” sex appeal without being a jerk – keep it off her clothes, though)
  • Compliment her on how well she’s doing. Giving her approval now will make her feel special and loved, making her willing to give compliments, praise and sex, to you.

If You’re Going To Do Dinner, Do This Instead

Take your date to a restaurant with a “theme.” This includes places like Ninja restaurant, the Rainforest Cafe and THOUSANDS of other, smaller bars and cafes. You’re looking for a place with a warm, friendly atmosphere. In a big city, look for places the “locals” hang out. Ideally, places with lots of character.

Piano bars are great for this. As are some diners, some cafes and any SPECIALTY coffee shop or bar. In smaller towns, this is a much harder option to find, however, you two can make a trip to the big city, together, and treat this dinner like a mini vacation. (Save traveling together for a second or third date, though)

Once you’re at a nice local place that’s “off the beaten path,” here’s how to make the most of your first date:

  • When you order, ask the server what he or she recommends. Go with one of the answers, no matter what it is. (This shows you’re open to new experiences and adventures – very attractive to women. Also, you’re able to lead others and make quick decisions. Little things like this COUNT)
  • Order her something you think she’ll like, for dessert. (Women like a man who leads, so here’s exactly what you should say, “My friend came here and said X DESSERT was great. You’ve got to try it, so I’ll order us one.” Say this right before your waiter comes over, then give him or her your order)
  • After dinner, include an activity that lets you two just sit around and talk. Sitting in a park, watching the stars and finding some place to just people watch are all great ideas. (You want to let her settle and digest, plus special “mood” and “bonding” chemicals come out right after dinner, when you sit down and relax)

Shop For Cars, Clothes & Houses

Window shopping is the be-all, end-all way to impress a woman you just met. It’s the ultimate fantasy: You take a woman to the most expensive stores you can find, or on a walk around one of the really fancy neighborhoods. And you ask her what she’d like to own. You make her imagine owning it. Then you both feel like you’ve just lived “the good life” together, making her emotional bond to you super strong.

Here are the keys to some bad ass window shopping dates:

  • Start the date like this, “I like to walk around and look at all the high quality stuff wealthy people can buy. It motivates me to make something of myself and keep on going, even when the times get tough.” (You’re showing her your motivation and your passion for life. This is a MASSIVE turn on, for her)
  • Go for the big, BIG ticket items – Window shopping clothes and jewelry is cool, but if she’s into cars, go check out Ferraris and Aston Martins, instead. (And if she’s a clothes girl, find the nicest places in town. Bigger prices mean bigger fantasies)
  • Have fun! Relax! And remember to ask: “Which one of these do you like best?” Followed by: “Why?”

Get Messy Together

This first date idea isn’t for the faint of heart. Or for the timid. Or for most women.

But if she is an adventurous, tough girl on your hands, try inviting her to a paintball match. (You’ll want to run it by her, beforehand) The adrenaline, the teamwork and the physical movement together will a) make her have tons of fun and b) get her emotions and hormones charged up for sex, later.

Plus – It’s impossible not to be flirty with someone when they just shot a paintball at your face.

Here are the key tips to great paintball dating:

  • Go for two or three games – no more, no less. You want one game on her team, one game on the other. And you want it to end before either of you get bored. Short and sweet is best of all.
  • When you are on her team, stay close and protect her. When you’re on the other, make sure to target her out. This way, you’re protecting her and pushing her buttons – both highly emotionally intense for a woman.
  • Again, always have fun! (So for this date, you’ll want to run it by her in advance. For most others, you can surprise her with it)

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