3 Surprisingly Romantic Things To Do On A Date


Flirting and being romantic is easy, but the challenge to men all over the world is coming up with ideas that will make a date exciting. Every woman who’s worth a second look has probably been on dates before, and it’s safe to say that quite a few of them have seen it all. From movie dates to coffee dates, to simple walks around town – she has probably done most of these things with her other dates.

Even if she is not the type to have gone on various dates, you still have to be at your romantic best when you’re out with her. Creating the perfect date takes some effort, but you don’t have to aim for perfection (and do away with the pressure). You can settle for ‘extremely romantic date’ instead.

Blow Bubbles

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Here’s a romantic date idea that won’t break the bank. Small bubble tubes (the kind that kids play with) are cheap, so bring a few if you’re planning on just walking around the park while talking and flirting. You can use the bubble tube when you’re sitting on a park bench or on the grass doing nothing but talk and relax.

The romantic part is using the bubbles as a tool for learning about each other. Share one story per bubble blow, or punctuate the end of a story with a stream of bubbles. In a park, during the day, bubbles float upward, which could be quite a sight if you and your woman are feeling sentimental and romantic.


An alternative to blowing bubbles is lighting firecrackers. This is for those night time dates when you’re outside and you just feel like stargazing together. Small firecrackers are inexpensive, and they can be quite pretty to look at when you’re just sitting around doing nothing but sit close together.

Summertime weather is perfect for lighting small sparklers that only stay lighted for a few minutes. This activity will make any date feel like it’s the fourth of July.


Some guys think that singing karaoke is too passé, too corny and too common. I say they haven’t tried it one-on-one with a special lady. This is your chance to know what kind of music she likes best, and which songs mean a lot to her. Music has a way of making a woman feel deeper emotions. At the very least, you will be able to make her laugh and turn it into an opportunity for fun flirting with your singing.

Rent a karaoke box somewhere for more privacy. If you live alone or your parents are out, you can go for frisky karaoke. Making out cannot be avoided in a karaoke singing session, when she’s acting seductive while singing a love song to you. Pull your weight by singing something romantic, like ‘Michelle’ by the Beatles or some other classic love song.

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