Second Date Ideas That Will Win You A Third


Second date ideas can be difficult to come up with – you’ve already made a good impression, now where do you take it? Check out these killer second date ideas!

You can’t repeat yourself and go to the same type of establishment twice in a row! The best second date is a place with some sort of movement, action and opportunity to be competitive. Places such as:

  • Shopping mall
  • Mini golf
  • Movies
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Because you now have the ability to move around you can flirt with more than just your words. Think competitiveness. Here are some examples.


During a shopping session you’ve got many conversation topics at your disposal. Starting conversations should be easy with all the shops, items and people around.

Shopping is great because it shows you’re not trying to impress. You’re both constantly moving, which makes the experience much more energetic and lively, a great way for her to remember the date.

Mini Golf

Mini golf is a great active date that you’ll both enjoy. Make sure she’s the “fun type;” unfortunately some girls believe they’re “too cool” for activities such as mini golf. If she is too cool to play, it’s a good indicator that she’s not adventurous and fun. The only rule is to take the game very light-heartedly and maintain emotion, drama and tension throughout the entire date.


While the movies can be a great place to take women on dates, it’s not recommended for the first date. It’s hard to spend time together with someone when you can’t talk during the movie. Regardless of whether it is your first date or a later date, make sure it’s a film that’s been screening for some time so there won’t be that many people in the audience.

How To Create Sexual Tension On The Second Date

The best way to create sexual tension is to mention it. Let the woman know she’s being “too suggestive” by sitting next to you in the theater, or wherever you are. You can pretend to define an invisible wall between the two seats to make it perfectly clear that you don’t want her temptations to get the better of her. Alternatively, move somewhere leaving a gap between the two of you and then wave to her implying you’re now at a safe distance.

You might get a soft hit or disappointed look but don’t give in. After you’ve made your point you can move back to where you were. This technique shows you’re not eager and are accusing the woman of being the aggressive one. It’s fun, flirty and she’ll love it, whether she admits it or not.

BONUS TIP: When you arrange your second date, get the woman to meet at your place first. When she arrives just leave straight away and head off to your destination in your car. This way it’s only natural to come back to your place afterwards.

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